Lake of the Hills Estates

Here's the route south across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

(Note: you can download any of these maps to your computer and print them.  They are standard .jpg images)

Sea-tac to I-5 South:

Leave airport at Baggage Claim, turn right on Highway 99, south to 188th St, turn left on 188th St. to I-5 South:

Follow I-5 South thru Tacoma and watch for exit to Bremerton (Highway 16).  Get in right lanes for exit and follow Highway 16 across the Narrows Bridge:

Follow Highway 16 around Gorst, then near Navy Yard City watch to signs to the Hood Canal Bridge.  Keep left to get on Highway 3 and continue past Silverdale towards the Hood Canal Bridge.

Highway 3 will take you to the Hood Canal Bridge.  Turn left across the Bridge on Highway 104.  This will take you to Highway 101 and Sequim.  It's 33 miles from the Bridge to Sequim.

Click here for detail maps to get to Lake of the Hills Estates.